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Pedicure and Manicures $35 (regular price $40),   No Chip Manicure $28 (regular price $35), Specials are available with appointments only

At Sonia Herbal Beauty Salon we strive to differentiate ourselves from the typical salon by providing the highest quality of products and services without the unpretentious attitudes or prices. We are highly specialized in the art of FACIALS, THREADING, THREADING & WAXING, HENNA TREATMENTS and much more. Here you will find exciting information regarding all of the services that we provide. Please visit our "services" page to view a full list of all that we provide. Call for an appointment today.
Thank you so much for visiting and we hope to see you soon!

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The clients using Groupons / KGB / Buy with me / Home run deals should make appointments.

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Sonia Herbal Beauty Salon
1625 W. North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60622 Ph.:1773 772 7310 E-mail: info@soniaherbalsalon.com
Sonia Salon
5055 N. Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois,  60640. Ph:   1773 293 3110 Email: soniasalon@gmail.com
Sonia Salon
1425 W Morse Av. . Suite I D . Chicago IL 60611 Ph.:1773 262 3110  Email: soniasalon@gmail.com
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